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Fish Tales

Read Bobber Down Books and Bobber Down Blogs and learn about the great sport of fishing with your fish friend Tommy the Trout!

Tommy The Trout selects and publishes the Best Stories and Photos from all our kid anglers!



Aidan, age 11, began fishing as a hobby this past spring. He has fished in lakes in Orlando and has also done some fishing in the Indian River and on a boat down in Captiva Island. He loves to read about fishing, watch tv fishing shows and going to bait stores and checking out fishing equipment as Bass Outlets. This was the first time he got an opportunity to fish in the Atlantic Ocean.

Aidan is excited to use an Ocean rod that he carefully worked on assembling by himself to tweak the gear to get it just right. His dad took to the Ocean about six in the evening at a spot about 2 miles north of the Sebastian Inlet. Aidan used mullet as bate and waited patiently, fishing on the gorgeous shore of South Melbourne Beach.

The evening was warm and in the distance he could see turtles waiting in the water to nest, as well as bait balls. After an hour or so of catching some catfish and some small fish, Aidan got bite that tested his line. He began to reel in the sea creature in as the fight began to draw in beach goers. It was exhausting work and he had never experienced such a struggle before. Aidan fought for 45 minutes as the crowd got larger and made bets on what type of fish could be on his line. He was exhausted yet elated to finally reel in the catch, then finally the sea creature revealed itself...

Mahi Mahi by Aidan! If you can't catch one, draw one!


July's Best:  

"Anna's Fish Tale - Hook the Snook"

We like to escape from Orlando, Florida to our condo in Longboat Key, Florida in the Summer for two reasons:

  1. The Breeze
  2. The Tarpon

The week of July 4th turned out to be less than ideal conditions for Tarpon Fishing, so Anna, who enjoys spending time with her stepfather, Kevin, on the water, headed down to the beach to see what they could see, and to further practice her casting.

After a couple of hours seeing fish, (but not catching any) they decided to call it a night and head back down the beach. Just a few moments later, Anna's mother, Linda, spotted a huge bunch of bait fish being attacked by snook. On our third cast, the snook ate the lure and the fight was on! Just a few minutes later, Anna was reeling in her very first snook and another angler was born.

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Little Angler Anna 8 years old and her Mom, Linda - Orlando, FL


June's Best: 

"Gavin's Big Bass"