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Finding Fish During the Spring Season

Bobber Blog

Finding Fish During the Spring Season

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Spring is here, and that means it's time to get out the fishing gear and find some fish! This is an exciting spring day for us, as we write our very first fishing blog. We are ready to share helpful tips with the little anglers out there to help them get outside and have some fun. By the way, Tommy the Trout wanted to make sure we let you know that he might take a turn and try his fin out at writing a fishy tale! We also would like to thank you for supporting our first book, "Fishing in the Alphabet Volume I: The A,B,C's of Freshwater Fishing." We have so many fun things up and coming, including new books, and activities for our wonderful community of little anglers and their families. Stay tuned here, and also join us on FB, Twitter and Pinterest! Get ready to fish out surprises everywhere for everyone!


A couple of questions to think about during the spring season:

Where do we find fish in the springtime? 

You can find fish varieties depending on the pond, lake or river you are at and which kind of fish you are looking for. Fish are not evenly distributed in a body of water like biscuits on a baking tin in the oven! Rather, they vary by species, habits, spawning and season. They also vary based on water temperature, depth, species habits and photonic (sun) seasonal patterns affecting their spring location and feeding interest.

How can we find out more about fish species?

Knowing fish species is important. A few great sources of info can be your state fisheries department. They always like to hear from fishing fans and are always willing to help. You can call the state fisheries biologist. They will be happy to tell you everything known about a species. Sometimes they can even share the best local fishing spots with you.

What are some fish habits at this time of the year?

It's a great idea to learn about fish habits. Most fish habits which involve spawning at this time of the year.  For example, Walleye will be spawning in weed beds or on rocks, Bass will be moving into the shallows, Trout will be scouring up gravel to make a redd for laying eggs. Almost all fish will be on the move and hungry during the spring time as they emerge from their limited winter diets as hungry as can be and ready to eat, eat, eat!

Ok little anglers! Here are the fish we mentioned today.




Print the coloring page and get creative. Be sure to ask an adult to help you if you need to. Also, let us know in the comments below, which is your favorite springtime fish?