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Fishing, Pals and Picnics!

Bobber Blog

Fishing, Pals and Picnics!

Tommy The Trout



Hello Friends! It's that time of the year again... Sun, fun, fishing and friends! Our buddy Tommy The Trout gave us some ideas on what we could write about and we really like them a ton! Let's talk about tips for summer picnics, a fish game and a few outdoor tips and tackle tricks. 

With a lot of the fishing and outdoor fun, campfires and picnics also come. Family, friends and some yummy food all go really nicely together.  However, over here we think that the key to having a great time, is to also make sure, that we are safe. So we are sharing some ways to make your campfires safe, along with a couple of tips that might help you build the best campfire ever. Here we go:

Tips for a Safe Campfire

DON'T: Build campfires near overhanging branches, dry grass and leaves.
DO: Clear a 10-foot wide circle of littler, leaves, twigs and any other burnable material. Pile extra firewood away from the fire.
DO: Keep fires small and surrounded with rocks. Always keep plenty of water nearby, just in case.
DON'T: Leave a fire unattended! A breeze may come up while you are gone and start a wildfire.

Tips to Build your Campfire

Gather dry twigs and small sticks. Arrange in a tipi by building a "tent" of small sticks over twigs and tinder. Ignite with match or lighter. 
Add larger sticks as the fire builds up. Add more tinder and kindling if your fire has trouble starting.
Put large pieces of wood on last. Be careful not to cause sparks by tossing wood on fire. Be sure to keep your fire a manageable size. 
To keep your fire going, place large pieces of wood outside the fire (within your rock circle) and gradually push into the flames.

Now that we understand these important safety tips, how about we talk a bit about a fun kids fish game and why it's such a great idea to go out fishing! We think fishing is a sweet pastime, a wonderful friends and family activity that will bring everyone closer together. It teaches us patience and to be present in the moment as we connect with nature. We will talk more about this in another blog, so stay tuned! Now time to share with you one of our favorite games, we hope it gets you running around and having fun:

Let's Play Fish Tag 

Lots of predators besides people eat fish: larger fish, seals, bears, and pelicans are just a few. Many fish hide from predators under docks or rocks, among cattails, or other places. Let’s play a game where a predator (one child) tries to catch fish (the other children) by tagging them. The predator can choose what kind of animal to be. Fish are “safe” if they stand on or touch a safe spot, like a lily pad (hula hoop), cattail (safety cone), rock (cardboard box), or dock (carpet square). To keep things moving, fish can stay in the safe spot only as long as it takes them to count to five. After the predator catches a fish, play again with a new predator.

Remember to Bring a Picnic

Break up the fishing session and enjoy a picnic. A bit of food and drink, and a rest from fishing, can often invigorate our enthusiasm.


As we end our overview of what we think might help our little anglers and their parents, especially as we are all prepping for summer vacations, we don't want to forget about some tackle tips that will make your little angler feel extra special!

Bobber Down Tacklebox.PNG
  1. For beginners that are ready to take the next steps and begin casting, a closed-faced spinning rod and reel can be purchase for less than a trip to the movies and allows your little angler to reach more fish.
  2. Everyone can practice casting with a hookless plug and can provide challenge and enjoyment in your back yard, when you can't make it to a fishing hole.

We think singing around the campfire, playing fish tag and casting that fishing rod in the sweet silence of the summer, will make all the extra work to stay safe and practice your casting all the more worthwhile! We would love for you to comment and share our blog! You can leave a note just below and tell us about your favorite fishing game or activity, tell us about a tackle tip that you may know or even just enter a thumbs up so we can let TommyTheTrout know that you found his ideas quite helpful! 

Did You Know?: In most states, people under age 16 no not need a permit to fish.