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Finding Fish During the Summer Season

Bobber Blog

Finding Fish During the Summer Season

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We thought it would be an awesome idea to learn a bit more about the best types of fish to find in the Summer. Where they hide and how to find them! 

Catfish, Carp, and Crappie

Catfish are great fish to catch over the summer, you can find them almost anywhere! Catfish are bottom feeders, which means the best place to find them is at the bottom of a lake! Catfish eat just about anything really smelly so if you want to catch one use a hotdog, chicken liver, or a piece of really smelly cheese like Blue Cheese, Limburger, or Swiss Cheese. Thank you for the tips Mr. Gannon (author of The A,B,Cs of Freshwater Fishing). Once you have caught a catfish be careful that the barbs on the three main fins do not penetrate your skin as you may have to deal with a nasty infection.

Carp are another great fish to catch over the Summer. Like catfish carp are mostly bottom feeders. If you want to go fishing for carp go late in the afternoon or in the evening. When fishing for carp, use a black hook and corn as bait, they love eating corn. Carp prefer sweeter canned corn more than corn off a cob. Carp are known to sometimes follow ducks because they love bread just as much as ducks so you would want to fish near a flock of ducks but be careful not to hit a duck while casting out your line.


Crappie are another great fish to catch during the Summer. They swim in shallower waters in the Spring and deeper in the Summer so if you want a challenge this is the fish for you. Crappie live in brush and rocky places. When using live bait make sure you are using a medium sized hook or you won’t catch one. They eat the young of their predators and other small fish. Crappie are also very popular for sport fishing and are commonly caught when ice fishing. If you catch a crappie you will be happy!

Fun facts about Catfish, Carp, and Crappie:

  • You can use bubble gum to catch a catfish
  • Carp are considered to be a good omen
  • Crappie are also called Strawberry Bass, Speckled Bass, Calico Bass, and Papermouth


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Special Thanks to our Summer Intern, Tommy Chicles 6th Grade